10 Songs That Needs to Be On Your Traveling Playlist

You’re leaving on a jet plane, and though you probably know when you’re going to be back again, you don’t know who’s going to be sitting in the next seat and what sounds you are going to have to put up with. From crying babies, snoring, to the incessant small talk of the person sitting next doling out way too much information can be a recipe for an unpleasant flight.

When you want to drown out all of the background noise while you’re flying and catch up on some shuteye, the obvious solution is to pop in your ear buds and play some tunes. Music has incredible healing powers, and here are ten soothing songs that you should add to your playlist to make your flight as peaceful as possible during your next executive ground transportation NYC travels.

  1.  America – Simon & Garfunkel
    There is something so soothing about Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s harmonies, and they are perfectly captured in this song.
  1.  Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
    Mazzy Star’s bluesy voice accompanied by the mystical sound of the guitar, drums, tambourine and piano make this song an absolute must for a flight.
  1.  Wildflowers ­– Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
      As soon as you hear Petty’s opening guitar in this classic song, you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  1.   Mellow Mood – Bob Marley
    The tone that this song creates is right in the title. Bob Marley’s enchanting voice mixed with some chill drums and guitar are just what you need hear to set a well, mellow mood, on your flight.
  1.  Only Time – Enya
    Enya is famed for her enchanting music. She truly has the voice of an angel, and it’s as if she picks up a magic wand and casts a spell of relaxation over you with this incredible song.
  1.  Harvest Moon – Neil Young
    Is there a more peaceful song than Neil Young’s Harvest Moon? Maybe; but you’re going to have a tough time finding one. This is an absolute must for your flight playlist.
  1.  Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
    Just sit back and feel the calmness flow over you when Stevie Nick’s sultry voice washes over you in one of the most beloved Fleetwood Mac songs of all time.
  1.  Weightless – Marconi Union
    The rhythms, bass lines, and harmonies were thoughtfully laid out in this song to calm breathing and slow mental activity, and it’s amazing for a flight.
  1.  Cluster One – Pink Floyd
    There aren’t enough words to explain how mesmerizingly relaxing this instrumental from The Division Bell is.
  1.  Peaceful Easy Feeling – The Eagles
    This song is sure to give you a peaceful and relaxed feeling on your next flight.

With these songs on your playlist and a comfortable ride to and from the airport during your corporate ground transportation NYC trip, you’re sure to have the most stress-free, blissful travel experience possible.

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